About Christen M. Branca

Christen M. BrancaWho I Am…

Ciao, I am Christen Branca. I have not one, but two college degrees. Not only did I graduate from Baldwin-Wallace University with a Business degree, focusing on Marketing, but also I received an Information Technology degree, focusing on Multimedia, from Youngstown State University.

What I Do…

I look forward to assisting you to grow your business so it is more visable on the web.

In addition to my educational background, I have worked in both the banking & insurance industries. Also, I have several years of customer service experience both directly & indirectly. I have proven myself reliable to my previous employers, plus received “perfect attendance awards”.

I wanted to create more challenging projects & work more in computer software applications. I very much enjoy networking & working with many applications to inspire new, fresh ideas. In addition to all this, I love to help people follow his/her passion.  It is far better to help someone create & manage their own websites rather than do it for them.  This is exactly why I am here to guide.

My Experience…

These years of employment and schooling have taught me a lot about various operating systems such as Microsoft, Linux and Macintosh.  I work with the Adobe Creative Suite, mainly, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, & Photoshop, on a daily basis.

Connect With Me…

I love to constantly learn & advance my skills.  I love to connect to people.  I consider myself as creative and always thinking of new ideas.  It was most challenging the final semester of school, but when I attended the Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI) in Chicago back in November 2011, that really helped me to speed through the rest of the way toward my degree.

It doesn’t stop there because the Ultimate Internet BootCamp (UIBC) is what helped me to launch exactly what I am doing today.  I work in technical support – not only with clients of my own, but also as a representative of a software company based in Youngstown, Ohio.

You can connect with me by sharing your comments on posts, and I look forward to learn more about you, who knows, perhaps we will meet one day!

LoVE & Light To Your Continued Wealth & HappYness,





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